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Our immune system & olive oil

Our immune system & olive oil

Between coronavirus and “infodemia” (the information epidemic, redundant and often contradictory), it seems useful to take stock. Professor Luc Montagnier, Between coronavirus and “infodemia” (the information epidemic, redundant and often contradictory), it seems useful to take stock. Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for Medicine, insists on the need to strengthen the immune system. And scientific evidence shows us how to do it, especially with nutrition.

The word to prof. Luc Montagnier – doctor, biologist and virologist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for the discovery of the HIV virus – gave an extensive interview on 25.2.20 about the coronavirus. Here are some short excerpts, starting with an invitation not to panic. We are confronted with a “highly transmissible virus” that is spreading in many countries and is not so dangerous in itself, if it does not come to the possible lung complications. “Therefore, we should take some extra precautions”: – Apply essential hygiene practices. “It is necessary to wash very often like hands, not to breathe through the mouth, but only through the nose.

Our strongest ally: Our immune system

Strengthening the immune system is necessary to prevent a virus that is not particularly dangerous in itself from causing further complications (lung disease) when it is infected. “We don’t have specific viral inhibitors, but we all have good immune systems.” (…) Our most important defence now is the immune system. ” We must therefore strengthen our immune system, or at least keep it in good shape. To this end, we need to take all kinds of antioxidants that exist. In fact, part of the disease caused by the virus is due to oxidative stress. And oxidative stress is due to free radicals (ROS), molecules that oxidise others. So we should control oxidative stress by taking antioxidants.

“Antioxidants like olive oil polyphenols strengthen the immune system.”

Good antioxidants are the fermented papaya extracts, which contain many antioxidant enzymes. Taking polyphenol-rich olive oil is one of the most effective ways to stock up on antioxidants. Glutathione is another lesser known but very active product. It can be taken orally in pills and this works very well. But vitamin C, vitamin D are also very useful. And for the future, we are working with some Chinese friends who have identified some even more effective antioxidant enzymes, which I hope will be available soon.


“Strengthen the immune system with an effective diet.“

A realistic strategy to deal with the situation is to provide our bodies with all the molecules that science has shown can strengthen the immune system. Indeed, it is well known that optimal immune competence depends on nutritional status and micronutrient deficiencies – just as an unbalanced diet can reduce resistance to infection. There is a bidirectional interaction between nutrition, infection and immunity: – The immune response is compromised when nutrition is inadequate, predisposing people to infections and at the same time – Poor nutritional status can be exacerbated by the immune response itself to infection.

Resistance to infection can therefore be improved by paying attention to the contribution of some micronutrients – in comparison, deficiencies may occur especially at some stages of life (elderly and children) – and to an optimal, i.e. varied and balanced diet.