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    Better than ever, with polyphenol values in the absolute range!

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    Our multi-award-winning organic olive oil is the pinnacle of Italian production in terms of quality.
    Here you can get it directly from the producer!

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    Produced with love and from a long family tradition.


Certificate number: 351712341678


Top product from Italy!


is a matter of trust

Olive oils like ours, which are international award winners and made in an old family tradition, are not available everywhere. We offer you a selection of olive oils in the categories “intense fruity green” and “fruity medium green” and we also have a simpler olive oil in the category “fruity ripe“.

Here in our shop you can buy top quality test winner olive oil at a special price directly from the producer. In order to save you the expensive shipping costs from Italy, we have bundled the olive oil in advantageous packages, so that you can also benefit from our volume discounts.

The New HARVEST-2023/24 is in the store!

better than ever before, with polyphenol values in a absolute range: 1246 mg of polyphenols for Lo Smeraldo!!!



The Coratina olive, whose main growing area is in Apulia, is known for having the highest content of olive polyphenols. It exceeds the average value of polyphenols in other olive varieties by up to 300%! The Coratina olive is used 100% in our “Lo Smeraldo” olive oil “intense green and fruity”. The total number of phenolic compounds is highest in the young green olives that we process. By using the latest oil mill technology from “Toscana Enologica Mori”, we ensure that the abundance of polyphenols from Coratina olives is also retained in our olive oil…

BIO Olijfolie uit Italië - Biologisch Zegel
London Olive Oil Contest Health Claim Award

Certificate number:: 351712341678



Our premium olive oil is harvested exclusively by hand to prevent the olives from decomposing before pressing. This ensures the highest quality in the final product. For the production of the “Classic” olive oil, which is produced in larger quantities, we use hydraulic stem vibrators, the slightly ripe olives are shaken from the tree and fall undamaged into the nets.

Traditional handwork has great advantages when picking. The situation is different when it comes to the production of the oil. In order to be able to offer you a top product, we process the olives in a modern way without exception. In the traditional method with stone mills and press mats, core pulverisation and strong oxidation processes occur more intensely, which reduces the quality of the oil. In addition, the risk of contamination is very high with this method.

We work with our own mill, one of the most modern in Italy, so that we can control the temperature to stay constantly below 24 degrees Celsius. We press the olive oil continuously at 23°, which is gold medal quality.

This is where our premium organic olive oil makes the difference to the competition. It has an average acidity of 0.24 percent and is therefore the fruitiest in its class. Despite the slightly later harvest, our classic olive oil still has an excellent 0.22 percent. Our olive oil is consistently low in acidity and high in polyphenols. All values here

Our olive oil has the EU organic certificate, strictly controlled and traceable at all times. We even meet the standards of the Demeter Association, but do not use this extra seal to make the oil more expensive. All our olive oils have undergone laboratory tests for 1112 pesticides and toxins.

Recipes of success for a top olive oil


    The olives are harvested in early October, when the polyphenol content is still very high.


    The olives are harvested by hand and remain undamaged.


    After harvesting, the olives are carefully transported and processed the same day.


    Because we are an organic farm, we want to prevent environmental toxins from getting into olive oil, something few do.


    Because you can only make a top product, we have invested in a state-of-the-art olive oil mill.


    From all these elements and from the experience of five generations of olive growers, a prize-winning oil is extracted.

Italiaanse bio olijfolie direct van de makers kopen

Buying olive oil from Tuscany? No, olive oil from Puglia has the advantage.

We know: the English public loves Tuscany!

That is a good thing. It would be best if everything Italian came only from Tuscany, because a “Tuscan brand” sells well. But regarding olive oil things are a bit different, where we in the south are ahead, not only in quantity, but also in quality. Only 2 % of Italian olive oil production comes from Tuscany; we lead here in Puglia with 37 %. That is why the Tuscans are among our best customers.

We don’t want to say that the production from Tuscany is bad, there are excellent oils, but in terms of contents they can’t keep up with ours. This is due to the climatic conditions which have favoured us as the region of origin of olive growing in Italy for 2700 years. Apulian olive oil is so rich that there are even Tuscan producers buy Coratina olives here in Puglia in order to produce Tuscan olive oil.


buy organic olive oil directly from the farmer
  • We are a family business that excels in honesty and care. The quality you get here is also available elsewhere, only much more expensive, here you buy directly from the producer.
  • What you get here is truly organic, in every phase of production we ensure absolute purity, not only in the field, but also in processing.
  • What we rely on is absolute transparency and open contact with our customers. You can always write to us if you have any questions. Subscribe to our Facebook channel.


The polyphenol miracle from Apulia

In extra virgin olive oil, the polyphenol content fluctuates relatively widely. There are oils with a high content and oils with a low content. The phenolic compound content of olive oil depends on the cultivation and maturity of the olives at harvest. There are also differences in varieties. In contrast to olive oil from Greece, olive oil from southern Italy is generally very rich in polyphenols.

The Coratina olive, an ancient variety from Puglia, is known to have the highest polyphenol content in olive oil. Good olive oil can contain from 160 mg/kg up to 370 mg/kg of these, with up to 800 mg/kg in the Coratina variety. Here you can find the laboratory values for the current harvest.

Buy organic olive oil from Coratina olives, the olive with a high content of polyphenols
Coratina olijfolie uit Apulië, koop olijfolie rechtstreeks van de producent

Our olive oil has a long shelf life.

Apart from the fact that in our shop you only get fresh olive oil from the last harvest, there is another important detail. Due to its richness in antioxidants and thanks to its strong lipid structure, Coratina results in the most stable single-origin olive oil. Thanks to this property, it is the olive oil with the highest “lifespan” and, if handled correctly, can keep its fresh and lively taste in the bottle for up to 18 or 24 months without major loss of nutrients. Just keep it in a cool and dark place.

MILD olive oil

If someone want to sell an olive oil as particularly “mild”, he’s not selling a “good” oil.

Even if it sounds strange at first:
bitter is better!
And so is sharpness. Both tastes are caused by the presence of polyphenols, antioxidants that are abundant in a good oil. In ours to a maximum extent. So don’t be fooled by a promise of leniency about olive oil….

Koop olijfolie van de oogst van Coratina olijven
Olijfolie Focaccia Apulische Stijl

Buy olive oil directly from the producer

here we are:
Macchia Verde Bio is the Scarola family, olive growers since 5 generations. We stand by our good name for the quality of our olive oil.

At a time when there is much speculation about the merits of olive oil and much uncertainty about the quality of the products on offer, we thought it right and necessary to introduce ourselves and our work personally. Here is the Scarola family, olive growers since 5 generations!

Olijfolie van de producent: koop familie Scarola, testwinnaar olijfoliën met hoog polyfenolgehalte uit Italië


We send our olive oil directly from our warehouse to all of Germany and Europe.


In order not to have to charge you expensive shipping costs from Italy, we only sell containers including shipping costs. From a goods value of EUR 51.


MACCHIA VERDE BIO makes shopping as easy, safe and pleasant as possible. That is why we offer you a wide range of payment methods.


With us you do not get old oil, nor blends of old oils, as in most supermarkets, but fresh olive oil from the current harvest year!


payment methods for olive oil

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Here you can buy your premium olive oil directly from the manufacturer.

Buying olive oil… but which one?

A guide from the press archive.

Buying good olive oil is no easy task, although it is clearly proven that olive oil – alongside fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of fish – has a protective effect in relation to vascular diseases and possible consequences such as heart attacks and strokes. But does this apply to every olive oil? A clear NO!

Olive oil, which in addition to oleic acid contains a large number of supporting micronutrients, has, for example, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effects. In particular, olive oil has been shown to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. This is especially true of cold-pressed olive oil with the names extra virgin or extra virgin olive oil, if there really are any.

On this subject, we read what the magazine “der Stern” has to say: